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My fun and adaptable programs educate and inspire you so that you can ditch the confusion and stigmas around your menstrual cycle and finally start to become friends with your body. This helps you to finally understand your body and menstrual cycle, and your unique energy rhythms. Don’t worry, there is lots of laughter, too!

About Sarah

Women’s Wellness Facilitator. Speaker. Writer. Podcaster. Coffee Drinker. Mama.

I believe that all people who bleed have a superpower within them that they can use to live their best lives.

And with this knowledge, I guide them on a journey back to themselves and their best life.

I  teach them to fully utilise this information and what a gift it is to have it.

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Quality, not quantity

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Sarah Explains It All Podcast

Short & Snappy Educational & Fun

I love to talk. I love to educate. So I thought, 'Why not combine them and create a podcast?' This is that #GoalsAlive, ladies and gents. You've got yourself a  funny and educational podcast talking about menstrual cycle awareness as well as all other subjects women talk about OR want to talk about.

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Have you heard of hormone yoga therapy?! No, I hadn't either! I was so excited when Corinne reached out to connect and boy this interview is fascinating! We talk a LOT about the positive side of menstruation as well as when we stop. Corinne is a breath of fresh air and I know so many of you will resonate with what she says and will no doubt get in touch-she is gifting us an amazing discount on her program!!! 

Let me know once you had a listen, let me know what you think. I loved it!

4 years ago that moment I dreaded my whole life happened. I never wanted to be gone when you passed away. I always wanted to be there, to hold your hand, and to hug Grandma. That didn't happen but I did get 3 glorious weeks making you proper coffee and bacon. 3 weeks of laughter and being amazed at how well you seemed. Finally, leaving for the first time and not being worried you wouldn't be there when I went back. And yet it's what happened. And for the past 4 years, I've lived without you just a phone call away. I'll never forget the last video call we had that day. I'd have stayed in so much longer if I'd known. I miss you Papa but thank you for giving me the strength to persevere when things are tough and for finding laughter in all things. Thank you for your love of things outside your box. You and grandma were the best a girl could ask for.

I know you are smiling down with a cup of (I really hope!) Community Coffee :)

Have you listened to it yet?! This episode of the podcast went live this morning. In it, you'll hear my conversation with @kmerydith, owner of @ahimsayogastudio, chat about her journey to her endometriosis diagnosis, surgery, and how she is managing it now. Fascinating subject and I am so grateful Kelly was able to share her story with myself and y'all! 

Education is so important and sharing our experiences is even more so. Advocating for yourself, as you will hear Kelly talk about, is hard but needed. Remember, you know your body better than anyone. And bleeds aren't meant to have you doubled over in pain.

Let me know below if you've listened to it AND how you've been an advocate for yourself. 

PS keep your eyes peeled for my newest offer coming soon! I'll be popping some questions I my stories over the next few days so you can help me provide the best education and coaching for you ❤
That's right, y'all! Rest is SO important, I've uploaded a Yoga Nidra to the podcast today. It is 23ish minutes of pure relaxation! Link in bio OR search 'Sarah Explains it All' on Spotify.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I've mentioned some great resources at the end including the phenomenal @heymargaretjames and @tracee_stanley.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Go on and give it a listen at some point over the weekend-we could all do with giving ourselves a bit of rest every day <3 Let me know what you think!

I did something that threw me out of my comfort zone last week. I climbed up one of the 3 Peaks in Yorkshire. Not a huge deal for most but I'm scared of heights, especially super rocky, steep inclines with gale force winds! Ok, not quite hurricane strength...BUT I did it and that took a lot of courage on my part not to hyperventilate or puke. 🤣 

Courage is also something my next podcast guest had to gave in spades when she took her painful periods into her doctor and started looking for treatment for her endometriosis. Join me next week when @kmerydith and I chat all about it over on the podcast! Will you be there?!

Ps some very exciting developments are happening. If you're wondering how to master your cycle and work with me, keep your eyes peeled for my newest offer coming soon!
Today is podcast release day. Except that it didn't happen quite as planned today. And that is ok. I am taking this hiccup with grace and humility, re-recording the episode (that mysteriously disappeared from my laptop!), and will release it tomorrow morning. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It is a good one ALL about rest: what it does for our body and why it is important, as well as what you can do to incorporate it in your life!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Do you have a rest practice? Let me know below!

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