5 Tips for Cleaning Your Menstrual Cup in Public

We all fear it and yet it will happen at least once in your cup wearing menstruator lifetime-you WILL have to change your cup in a public toilet. Read on for tips on how to make the experience less harrowing.



1/28/20220 min read

The moment you've dreaded since you started your planet-saving, menstrual cup-wearing cycle-you have to clean it in a public toilet. Oh my, what do you do?! Don't sweat it! It really isn't as scary as it sounds. Read on for a few tips on how to best handle the situation. Obviously, wash your hands before you enter your stall and, if they have paper towels, use those! Grab some to open and close the stall with as well as a few that are wet to clean your cup and your hands afterward.

  1. Use toilet paper to clean it. Assuming your stall has some, that is. Before you remove your cup, grab some loo roll and then crack on with cleaning it. I'd also grab some extra to clean your hands, too.

  2. Use bottled water. Most people carry water with them these days, anyway. Just make sure you have some with you while on your period.

  3. Have a spare cup with you in a carrier. Pop your used one in the carrier and pop your new one in! Easy and done.

  4. Use the handicap stall-they pretty much always have a sink you can use OR be bold and use the public sink.

  5. Re-insert without cleaning. Yes, less than ideal. Yes, it may freak you out. But, if you need to empty your cup and you don't have the other options available to you, we do what good Girl Scouts would do and improvise and make do! Just know that you can clean your cup when you are next in a private bathroom.

There you have it! Really not that big a deal when you break down your options, eh? Tell me, are you a menstrual cup user? Or do you use any other kind of reusable menstrual products?